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If you're considering working as an aesthetician, you've likely heard of some of the more prevalent marketing strategies for a cosmetic surgeon. Even though the process can be quite similar, there are some differences in the ways they present themselves to their clients. It is important to know exactly what marketing techniques are currently in use by a clinic, so that you can consider using some or all of them yourself. Here are some of the most common:

Advertising through the Internet. This method of marketing aesthetics is ideal for small, independent cosmetic practices because it allows them to reach a larger audience without spending a lot of money. Because it's usually free, you can design your site to reflect your message and get started without worrying about a lot of upfront costs.

Social media. Social media has become the new medium of choice for many cosmetic clinics. You can promote your business with a wide range of tools including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

Radio advertising. There are many different radio stations that broadcast daily, weekly, or monthly advertisements for medical spas offering services that can benefit the aesthetic industry. Most of these stations will require you to get your marketing message out through a sponsor, but this is a great option for you to explore.

Television advertising. In addition to radio advertising, many hospitals and clinics have strict rules and regulations regarding which types of advertising they will allow. However, many cosmetic clinics are more than happy to use a network of local television stations to advertise their products and services. You can also incorporate print ads into your television advertising, depending on the size of your market.

Online advertising. Your aesthetic clinic should definitely be thinking about online advertising, especially if you want to promote products and services to the public over the Internet. While some people think that this type of marketing is too impersonal, it can actually help you make a more personal connection with your customers. While there are many different tools you can use to advertise your practice, including Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites, it is important to determine what is most effective for your particular situation.

Print advertising. When you are working to target specific markets, print advertising can be quite cost-effective. There are many different print options available, including yellow pages and magazine ads. These are often used to reach specific audiences in a broader sense, but because they are only intended for a very specific set of people, it can be tricky to reach.

Community outreach. Sometimes, smaller cosmetic spas may want to work closely with other local businesses. These businesses may include restaurants, local government agencies, and religious organizations. It's important to set up meetings and speak to groups of people in order to sell your services.

On the Air (OTA) advertising. On the Air (OTA) advertising can be done at a station that's out of the general viewing area of most people. If you want to reach a specific group of people, you can do this by getting the station to sponsor a local seminar. They may be very helpful in getting people to visit your spa, but they can also provide a loyal customer base.

Phone advertising. Using a phone or telemarketing service can be a cost-effective way to reach your clients. You can reach them by either calling their home or business directly, or by visiting their business's website and calling them directly. While this may seem like a step down from mail or television advertising, it is a lot cheaper, so it's worth a try.

Physical marketing. One of the most classic forms of advertising is the physical placement of banners and flyers around your town. Make sure that you set up a space for your flyers near a busy area, so that you can attract a greater number of people.

It's important to consider your aesthetic marketing options before you decide on which one to implement. For larger cosmetic spas, you may want to consider working with a larger advertising agency, but smaller spas can often benefit from the unique methods outlined above.

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