A Quick Read On Art Of Oceania

Ocean art is widespread in the vast territory of Polynesia,  Melanesia and Micronesia and includes a wide variety of customs. Things that are connecting them are supernatural and fertility themes – like masks used in petroglyphs, religious rituals, tattoos , stone and wood carvings, and paintings.

Apart from textile work, they offer many different options. The moai, better known as the Head of Easter Island, is perhaps the most famous illustration in oceanic art. There are several museums where you can see this spectacular art. Pace African and Oceanic Art gallery is very popular in New York for authentic figures and sculptures.

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These monolithic figures are trademarks with spiritual and political abilities and clearly demonstrate the ease and creativity of their founders. 

Such statues and objects (often depicting tribal ancestors) in early Egyptian religions were thought to have magical properties after ritual preparation. A spectacular study of Oceania's artistic conventions passing through the islands' first settlements in the early 21st century

Masks and sculptures will be the most famous examples of Oceania's visual tradition, but only provide a glimpse into the art of this interesting multifaceted field.

Craftsmen from the Pacific Islands and Australia have made items from colored wax and fabrics, stone carvings and woven containers, to colored and tattooed bodies, images on paper and sand. This study examines various objects created over thousands of years and shows the results of Oceania from prehistoric times to the present.

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