Benefits Of The Topeak Rack And Trunk Bag

If you're looking for a way to add more storage to your bicycle you may want to consider the Topeak MTX trunk bag and rack system. The Topeak rack and trunk bag are a highly versatile and comprehensive solution to being able to carry stuff with you on your bicycle. Most people who invest in this saddle bag alternative choose to use Topeak because of the Quick Track feature on their proprietary bike rack.

This Quick Track system allows for the cyclist to easily mount the MTX trunk bag to the Topeak rack by simply sliding it along the rails and clicking it into place. The MTX trunk bag is just as easily removed by clipping the Topeak bag and sliding it off of the rails. This makes it super easy to remove weight and bulk from the bike when you need it to be more lightweight for a nimble ride. You can also easily carry the bag into a store to grab groceries or food and then conveniently carry your items home with you. Without some sort of bicycle saddle bags or Topeak rack and trunk bag system you would need to either carry your items by hand, or bring a backpack with you in order to carry stuff home.

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