Wine And Celebration Have Gone Together For Thousands Of Years

Sometimes I look for reasons why wine is so attached to parties and social events. more than other drinks. The place of wine in history always seems right before our eyes. Already in the earliest recorded history, wine seems to have been enjoyed by many fans – from the royal family to ordinary people.

I grew up in a house that was defined as a young person based on religious beliefs. Still, I could never truly accept what appeared to be a "total tea paradox." For example, here's the problem: isn't that the first miracle in the New Testament to turn water into good wine at a wedding reception? The last dinner also has wine to eat. 

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In this example too, wine is consumed during celebrations. In total there are more than 235 wine references in the Bible; and yes, there are a few warnings to abuse alcohol.

I have overcome this conflict of logic for years, but I keep thinking about how wine has become a drink associated with celebrations, receptions, friendships, and even something to enjoy as a moment of quiet self-appreciation. Great people have talked about wine for centuries with admiration, admiration and as if the wine has/has mystical properties. 

Many Peoples truly fell in love with all the grapes and even seemed to be inspired by grapes. During my years in the navy, I participated in many ceremonial toast celebrations with wine. There are even books on the toast label. We see grapes around us; from public dinners to meeting friends over dinner. Not infrequently a teenager raises a glass of wine to toast without drinking his wine.

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